Sunday, September 14, 2014

Well, That Didn’t Go Quite Like We Planned It

Our weekend didn’t go quite the way we had planned it.

Even though it’s not the weekend, I’ll start off with Thursday.

Charlotte went home with a friend after school, and Evelyn and I met her for lunch at the friend’s house.  And while wearing a cute little dance recital costume and her friend’s ballet slippers, Charlotte threw up everywhere.  And all she had eaten that day were blueberries and blackberries.  Nice.

I got Charlotte cleaned up, we came home, Charlotte laid down on the couch, and I put a movie on for her.  I figured that Charlotte would fall asleep watching TV, but she didn’t.  In fact, she didn’t act like she was feeling bad the rest of the day.  I played it safe though and gave her toast for dinner.

Friday morning I went into Charlotte’s room and saw that she was sleeping in her beanbag.  That’s not uncommon for her, so I didn’t think anything of it.  Until I looked at her bed and it had vomit in it.  Ugh!

Luckily Jarrod had the day off on Friday, so I took Trenton to school while he stayed home with Charlotte.  I got home from dropping Trenton off, and Charlotte was laying on the couch.  I went and touched her forehead, and she felt a bit warm, so I took her temperature.  It was 101.0, so not much of anything.  She did fine the rest of the day, with her fever going down and no more vomiting.  I still took it easy with food, giving her a banana, crackers, and rice for meals.

We had bought tickets for LobsterFest down on base, but I didn’t want to get Charlotte out.  She, Evelyn, and I stayed home, while the boys went to eat lobster (or a hamburger bun and chips in Trenton’s case).  Charlotte was feeling okay though, so I gave her a project to work on.

photo 1 (40)

She created a masterpiece for her room!

Charlotte made it through the night without vomiting (so she had gone 24 hours), but as soon as she woke up she threw up again.  And since she barely had anything in her stomach by this point, it was mostly bile.

Whatever Charlotte had wasn’t presenting itself like a normal stomach bug, so I called the pediatrician to see if I could get her in for Saturday morning office hours.

photo 2 (38)

Given Charlotte’s history, the doctor wanted a urine specimen.  And it’s a good thing I took Charlotte in because it is in fact another UTI.  Since she also had one in July, we will be going back for a follow-up in a week and a half to make sure the infection is gone and to discuss whether or not Charlotte needs to start being seen by a specialist again and/or go back on prophylaxis.

But, the doctor did give me one nice piece of news.  Since Charlotte wasn’t contagious, she could get out and about and around other people as long as she was feeling up to it.

Luckily Charlotte was feeling up to getting out, so Jarrod and I were able to go on our scheduled date night last night!  Our first in almost three months!

photo 4 (18)

Our church is doing a six month date night series, with monthly date nights.  We drop the kids off in the scout room at church and then go to another room for snacks, mingling with the other couples, and a short video.  Then we head out for an hour and a half on our own and are given discussion topics to pick and choose from while on our date.  Topics come from the book that we’re reading to go along with the date nights – Blessed is Marriage: A Guide to the Beatitudes for Catholic Couples.

Jarrod and I had a wonderful time on our date, and all three kids did perfect in childcare.

This morning we let Charlotte sleep late, so we split up for church.  After the boys got home, and I put Evelyn down for a nap, I went outside to work out and then do some yard work.  Like I said a few weeks ago, our back “flowerbeds” were a MESS when we moved in.  I still had some more stuff to clean out, so I got to work on pulling out a whole mess of tall weeds and dead plants.   While I was weeding, I found some sort of fungus/mushroom stuff growing in a moist section of ground under a bunch of dead wildflowers.  So I starting pulling it too since I had gloves on.

But apparently this wasn’t fungus.

photo 3 (25)

Too bad I didn’t realize it until I got stung.  Luckily only one hornet/wasp/whatever got me.  But after I ran inside screaming like a banshee and was running my stung arm under streaming water in the sink, Charlotte, who was standing next to me, started screaming too.  I looked over and she had a hornet on her shirt.  And with all of the screaming and swatting she was doing, it stung her through her shirt.  Poor kid can’t catch a break!

Neither of us are allergic, and Jarrod hooked us up with a baking soda/water paste, so we were back to normal pretty quick.

Problem is, I still have 1/4 of the bed to go, and I know there are more hornets in there.

So this evening before I went to church, I stopped at Tractor Supply to stock up on stinging insect killer.  Hopefully I won’t have a post later this week about when killing hornets goes bad…

Here’s to looking forward to a week with healthy kids and getting rid of stinging insects!


Jen said...

Poor Charlotte! :(

Traci@TheHallway said...

Poor Charlotte. Hope she gets to feeling better!

Rachel Ross said...

Goodness what a weekend! Hopefully your week is calm and uneventful! :)

Jenn said...

Yay for date night! Boo for everything else! Poor Charlotte! I hope she is back to 100% soon!

Alejandra said...

Poor kid! I hope she's much better now.
The date night series sounds amazing! I wish we had something like that here!

and then we laughed said...

Sorry things didn't go as planned. But that is a super cute picture of the two of you! :)

Shannon said...

Poor Charlotte! Her UTI causes her to vomit? Was it because of pain? I've never heard of that. That poor little bean. She needs and deserves a break.

Amanda B. said...

Oh no!! Poor girl!
I love that picture of the two of you though. You guys are so cute!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Poor girl, I hope she has a good week and starts to feel better!!!! Good luck with the wasps those things are no joke!!

Annette said...

Oh my goodness! I hope Charlotte is feeling better and recovering after a long weekend. I hope you're feeling better too. Wow, how scary to begin digging into an active hornet's nest!

I love that your church is doing a monthly date night series. Hubby and I really need a day out together too. It's so important!

Amanda said...

Oye. That does not sound like much fun, poor girl! Glad you all got your name still!