Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sayonara, Stomach Bug

Eight days.

EIGHT days!

Eight days of throwing up from our littlest kidlet.

I didn’t think it was ever going to end, but thankfully we are closing in on 48 hours puke-free.

Evelyn’s bug started out slow.  First only throwing up at bedtime for a few nights.  Then we added upchucking the 4am feeding too.

Friday after a trip to the doctor, we took the kids out to eat (I had all three kids at the doctor’s office, and they were great.  A well deserved treat for them and me!).  Well, Evelyn decided to throw in dinner time puking to her repertoire.

The first three quarters on the A&M v. Arkansas football game on Saturday were tough to watch.  Evelyn apparently couldn’t stomach them.

photo 1 (44)

But throughout all this time of sickness, Evelyn was mostly happy.  Sunday at lunchtime I cut up some banana pieces, and she threw up before even swallowing her first one.  The high chair tray caught almost all of the nastiness, so I took it off and set it outside the back door to be dealt with later.  I came back inside to see this.

photo 2 (41)

She’s a pretty resilient kiddo.

Sunday evening Evelyn hit her worst point.  Throwing up so much that it was coming out of her mouth and nose at the same time.  I called the pediatrician line and got a call back from the on-call doctor within a few minutes.  He told me to take her off of all formula and solids for the time being and just give her pedialyte – an ounce at a time.  It was a long night.  I kept pushing fluids until 3:30 when Jarrod took over.  The pedialyte helped and she didn’t throw up any more.

By Monday morning, we had a hungry girl on our hands!  The doctor said that I could slowly reintroduce formula.  Evelyn threw up one more time that evening while the rest of us were eating dinner, but has been great since then!  She’s still not back to eating what she normally does, and she seems like she weighs less than she did pre-stomach bug, but I’m sure she’ll be back to normal soon!

Sayonara, stomach bug.  Don’t come back, please!


Amanda B. said...

Ahhh! Poor thing! She is such a happy girl though.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Poor baby (and Momma!) Glad she is feeling better!

Jen said...

Oh goodness what a trooper she is!

Alejandra said...

Aww. Poor little lady! Glad she's doing better after dealing with that bug for so long!

Shannon said...

AAAAAH! Poor baby and poor mama.

It brings back scary thoughts of when Taylor had such bad diarrahea (10-14 times a day) for 18 days. That will be a January I'll never forget. *shudder*

Rosie said...

Oof that's rough!!! Glad things are better now :) Thank goodness she was a trooper throughout!

Katie said...

Ohhh! Poor lil girl. That aftermath photo of her is soo cute even tho she is feeling yucky.