Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Medical Update

I thought it was about time for a medical update on Charlotte. 

She has had two urinary tract/kidney infections since we moved to Pennsylvania (one two days after we got here, and another in September).  Her pediatrician suggested that she start being seen by a pediatric urologist again.

We made our first trip to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia around the middle of October.  It was mostly just a consultation visit.  I answered a lot of questions and they scheduled Charlotte for some tests for our next visit.

Two weeks later we were back in Philly for Charlotte’s tests and a second meeting with the urologists.  First up was an ultrasound.  Charlotte is really good with the “jelly on the belly test,” and even though the ultrasound took longer than any ultrasound she’d had before, she did great.

Next up was a VCUG.  I had thought that we would be meeting with a child life specialist before the test, but they were running behind schedule, so we didn’t get a meeting.  We walked into the VCUG room without Charlotte having any idea what was about to happen, and Charlotte recognized the machine.  She started getting apprehensive.  Then while I was changing her into her gown and went to take her underwear off, she really started freaking out.  And it didn’t stop.  Getting a cath in her took four people.  She cried pretty much the whole time on the table.  Then she didn’t want to pee the contrast that they had put into her bladder out.  She finally urinated, and was fine!

We went to grab some lunch from the hospital cafeteria, and then went to meet with the urologists.

They had good news for us.  The VCUG was normal!  Absolutely no reflux!  That means that Charlotte’s surgery last fall was 100% a success, and the two infections that she’s had since were not due to reflux.

Then we got some more news.  Charlotte was being referred to nephrology because she had calcium deposits on both kidneys that were found during the ultrasound.  I had no clue what this meant, and we were told to set up an appointment with the kidney doctors.

Two weeks later, and we were heading back to Philly for our meeting with the nephrologists.  They told me that Charlotte has two small kidney stones and a lot of calcium that are not stones yet. They wanted a urine specimen from Charlotte along with some blood.  Urine was easy.  Blood, not so much.

I got a call from the nephrologist last week with test results.  Charlotte’s urine looked fairly normal.  Because she is still in a pull-up at night, we can do the gold standard 24-hour urine test.  So the urine numbers that the doctors have are a “snap in time” sample.  They want to test again in 3 months to see where she stands then.  Charlotte’s blood work showed that her creatinine level (shows kidney function) was out of the normal range.  It wasn’t a lot higher than normal, and nothing to be alarmed about, but they want to check that again in three months too.

So that’s where we stand.  Still quite a few questions, but nothing to be overly worried about.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Stay warm, be safe, and have fun! 

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Traci@TheHallway said...

She is a fighter for sure. Will be thinking about her and saying some extra prayers that everything continues to look normal! And you are one tough amazing mama for being able to handle everything like you do!! Happy Thanksgiving to you guys! Xoxo

Jessie said...

What a tough little girl. Prayers and hugs to both of you! Glad everything is looking good though.

Shannon said...

Poor thing has been through so much.

I hope you get answers and they are happy answers.

Jen said...

Poor girl, she is such a trooper! Here is hoping for good results in 3 months.

Amanda said...

Glad to hear the surgery was a success... hoping for good results 3 months from now. Also hope yall have a happy thanksgiving!