Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Texan’s Questions About Winter

It’s no secret that I don’t have a lot of experience with cold winters.  We lived in Williamsburg/Yorktown, Virginia for four winters, and we had some snow, but nothing like what we can expect to get here in Pennsylvania.

So, I’m hoping that y’all can help me out with some of my questions.

1) I have Raynaud’s so my hands and feet get cold easily.  I have a couple really good pairs of gloves, but I need something for my feet.  I’ve tried wool socks over two pairs of regular socks.  Even with all those socks, my feet still get cold and go numb.  Plus that many socks are just uncomfortable.  Any suggestions on what kind of socks I should get?

2) Do we need snow boots?  Or will our regular rain boots work?

3) Should I buy the kids long johns?  Or go with fleece lined pants?  Or both?

4) We can only fit one vehicle (mine) in our garage.  What does Jarrod need for his?  Should he use water to get ice off of his windshield/windows?  Or buy/make some sort of solution?

5) What about Bailey (our Lhasa Apso)?  Does he need winter weather gear?  How do I keep him from getting snow matted on his underside every time he goes out?

Frozen Bailey
(Williamsburg, VA – March 2009)

5) What else am I forgetting about?

I did get our gloves, mittens, hats, headbands, scarves, etc. organized and ready for use!  I got this awesome idea from a friend at MOPS.

Creatively Blooming: Over the door storage for winter weather gear 

Thanks in advance for your help.  Bring it on, winter!


Shannon said...

Ha - coming from a life of Buffalo winters, I found this post great!

Not sure I can help you with all of your questions, but yes to snow boots, especially for T and C who will be having a blast this winter with the snow.

No special pants here except snow pants for when playing in the snow. Fuzzy jammies are important for night time though!

If you can't get the car in the garage, I'd recommend starting it and putting the defrost on full blast for ten minutes before taking off. That works way better than water/solution, plus it's good for your car to "warm up".

And if you're not used to driving in the snow, be careful. People who are used to winters drive pretty fast, even through 6 or 8 inches of snow/ice/slush, but it takes a lot of practice.

But definitely let the kids enjoy it! And hope for a white Christmas. But by the first of year, wish wish wish for warmer weather and be bummed when we still have 3 more months of crappy weather!! Ha!

Hana R said...

As a fellow Texan who dealt with two massachusetts winters....here are my thoughts. Your kids should definitely get snow boots and snow bibs. (Zappos has some amazing Adidas brand snow boots for a pretty good price and I love the carters snow bibs and matching coats....they're super warm). Adults definitely need a good northface or Columbia jacket lined with fleece. If you plan on playing in snow with the kids buy snow pants for yourself...I never invested in a pair cause this texas girl doesn't do snow. However...since my husband was the driveway shoveler/snow blower, he got a good pair of snow pants. I wore hunter rain boots during the winter with inserts, and thick socks....the inserts are a fleece type material and they kept my feet warm.....but I also don't have raynauds (so not sure how it'll work out for you there!). Hope this helps!

Amanda B. said...

I moved away from the mid west winters when I was 12 so I'm not much help but I do remember some things. You do need snow boats for the kids. My mom never went crazy with winter gear for us though, mostly because she didn't have the money but basically we would wear our snow pants, boots, and heavy coats with gloves every day to school.
My sister (still lives in IL) has winter booties for her pit bull that she puts on him in deep snow. As far as the car, add 10-15 minutes into your routine for the one that is parked in the driveway. You'll want to start it, warm it up, and ice scrape. It's a pain. We used to have to alternate who ice scarped my mom's windshield.

Jen said...

I'm a Vegas girl so I am no help haha. I hope you have a mild winter though!

Rosie said...

Oh that organization is a really good idea!!! I need to do that for us - we have sooooo many cold weather accessories and no way of organizing them, it's just disastrous!

Tracy said...

I'm not much more seasoned on cold winters than you but I like to be warm in the winter so...
In the winter here I wear my snow pants even when there's no snow, they are great at blocking the wind! I also have Cuddle Duds (jc penneys) and some silk long johns and they are both awesome! And I bought a big package of those hot hands things and keep a set in my jacket pretty much all the time just in case! You might not want to use those every day, but they could be good for when you know you have tobe outside a lot.

You should get your mom to look at Cabelas in the bargain cave for snow boots, that's where I got mine, 50% off and gtey had a ton of kids boots!