Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What Really Matters

Okay, time to keep it real.

I’ve never kept a spotlessly clean house.  No, I don’t snuggle up with dust bunnies, but I’ve been known to have my junk drawer overflow to the kitchen counter now and then.

But with a very active almost 10-month old, keeping up with picking up the house has fallen to the wayside.  I spend Evelyn’s waking hours keeping her out of the dishwasher, away from the dog food, convincing her that the toilet is NOT a good choice for teething, and Bailey’s tail and ears are not for pulling.  So I’m left with naptime and nighttime to get stuff done.  I spend some of that time doing laundry, dishes, laundry, picking up around the house, laundry….  And I also try to get a little time for myself in - working out, blogging, etc.  Since I’m not up for pulling all-nighters to clean, some of it just doesn’t get done. 

photo 5 (10)

The girls and I had a friend and her daughter over for lunch and a playdate today.  This particular friend hadn’t been in our house yet, so of course, I was freaking out trying to clean up my neglected home.

But this morning after getting a little too worked up and winding up in tears over everything that I had yet to get done, I realized that having my house spotless for company doesn’t really matter.  I really doubt that anyone is going to decide to not be friends with me because I have a few dishes in the sink, have laundry baskets in the hallway, or some crumbs under the kids’ chairs.

Does it really matter that I have a pile of clothes on the floor in my bedroom waiting to be ironed?

photo 4 (23)


Instead of ironing, I help with homework, take the kids to the library, or play a game with them.

Does it really matter that the kids’ beds aren’t neatly made?

photo 2 (48)


My kids learn responsibility by making their beds themselves.

Does it really matter that there is toothpaste in the kids’ sinks every morning?

photo 3 (32)


We get out the door in time for school, and Trenton normally cleans the sinks in the evening.

Now, I’m not condoning keeping a nasty, gross, slimy grimy home.  But I am going to spend less time worrying about what other people might think if they happen to drop by and I don’t have every single thing put away where it’s supposed to be, and more time enjoying my time with my family and friends.  Because that’s what really matters.


Traci@TheHallway said...

Amen! Now go grab some wine and watch the CMA's!!!!!

Alejandra said...

YEs! I had a similar feeling over the weekend when we had people over for dinner and I let the dishes pile up in the sink. As long as you're not living like a slob, I doubt others even notice!

Amanda said...

AMEN! GO you. You spend that time with the kiddos and not with your house!

Theresa Breslin said...

YES. I recently started reading Like Mother, Like Daughter for her home management tips and I am ALL about having a "reasonably clean" home. Ha! Highly recommend, if you don't already read her blog!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Im sure once we had a little one in to the mix I'll be more slack on the house but I can't stand for things to be out of place or not just so. The hubbs on the other hand well that's a totally different story!!! Some times though I do agree, we need to (myself included) for get about the little thing bc they'll always be there and focus more on the moment bc that's something we'll never get back!!!

Amanda B. said...

The toothpaste in the sink gets me every time! I split my "chores" throughout the week. It helps me not to feel overwhelmed.

Jessie said...

AMEN! :) I actually like that my friends have seen me/my house at my worst and at my best.

Jen said...

The house can wait! :)

Shannon said...