Friday, January 2, 2015

A Look Back at 2014

Happy New Year!  We spent our New Year holiday on the road trying to beat some nasty weather out of Texas.  We had a wonderful time back home, but we were happy to sleep in our own beds last night!

2014 was a great year for us.  We started off the year with the birth of our third little cutie, Jarrod finished up his master’s at Naval Postgraduate School, we moved from Monterey to Pennsylvania, Trenton started Kindergarten, and there was a ton of fun stuff scattered in between.  There were also some not so fun times, but those just made us stronger. 

I thought that it would be fun to look back at our year month by month with the most read post and my personal favorite post of each month.

So without further ado, here’s a look back.  You can click on the title of each post to take you to the original posting.

Most Popular Post:
A Fintastic Shark Party – Trenton’s 5th Birthday Party

My Favorite:
Evelyn’s Birth Story
photo 5 (1)[4]

Most Popular:
Three Little Valentines
photo 3 (9)[4]

My Favorite:
Weekend Review: Mr. Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun
photo 3 (11)[4]

Most Popular:
A Beautiful Butterfly Tea Party – Charlotte’s 4th Birthday Party
photo 1 (19)[4]

My Favorite:
God Bless Evelyn Delores – Evelyn’s Baptism

Most Popular:
Someday My Prince Will Come – Prince/Princess dress-up day at Trenton’s Pre-K
photo (34)[4]

My Favorite:
Month of the Military Child
Smith Family Homecoming_0362[4]

Most Popular:
Beware of the Whipped Cream Monsters
photo (38)[4]

My Favorite:
Mother’s Day in Yosemite

Most Popular:
We Have Been Busy – A recap of our favorite places to see/things to do in and around Monterey and California

My Favorite:
Daddy Daughter Dance Round 3

And because I couldn’t pick just one from this month, here’s another….
Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks

Most Popular:
My Milk Paint Roll Top Desk

My Favorite:

Most Popular:
Out of the Mouths: 4th Edition – A bunch of funny stuff that the kids come up with!

My Favorite:
Weekend Review: Washing, Shopping, Picking, and Bingo-ing
photo 3 (21)[4]

Most Popular:
Well, That Didn’t Go Quite Like We Planned It
photo 2 (38)[4]

My Favorite:
The End of an Era – No more toothless grin!
photo (77)[4]

Most Popular:
Navy Ball 2014 Recap
photo 3 (28)[4]

My Favorite:
Pumpkin Weekend

Most Popular:

My Favorite:
Thanksgiving in the Smokies (This technically wasn’t posted in November, but it happened in November, so I’m putting it here.)

Most Popular:
Family Photos
406 watermarked copy[4]

My Favorite:
Elf on the Shelf 2014 Recap – Spreading Kindness (How we used our elf to spread kindness to others this year)
photo 3 (40)-1[4]

Wow, what a year 2014 was!  I hope all of you have had a safe and happy start of the new year.  Here’s to a fabulous 2015!



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Hana R said...

I am still so impressed with trentons shark cake!!! It looks like you had a great year!

Meg Taylor said...

Oh my gosh, that photo of your husband and Charlotte before the dance just made my heart melt! That'll be so sweet when he has two little girls to bring! You looked GORGEOUS at the ball in October and I just love your family photos!! Happy 2015 :)

Traci@TheHallway said...

What a great year!! Here is to an even better 2015!

Jen said...

Definitely some of my favorite posts from your year! :) Here is to an amazing 2015!

Nicole said...

Your recap of favorites and popular are just a reminder of how creative you are! It looks like 2014 will be hard to beat for your family :)

Alejandra said...

This post is such a great way to recap the year! I love that you did most popular and favorite.

SuperLux said...

Cuteness overload! :)

You are obviously so blessed. I hope you'll receive more this year as you give more of what you have to the world.

Happy 2015!

Amanda said...

I LOVE how you formatted this review! So wonderful for new readers! Can't wait to catch up on some of the older posts and to follow along in 2015!

Rosie said...

These pictures are so great! I love seeing how the kids grow through the year :)

Rachel Ross said...

What a great year! Can't wait to see what 2015 holds for your family!! :)

Brooke @ Silver Lining said...

I just went through and read a lot of these posts. I love your blog! You have such a talent for kids birthday cakes (the shark one!! Wow!), and I LOVE that navy ball dress. Congratulations on sweet Evelyn and a beautiful year!

Thanks for linking up :)