Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Trenton’s Birthday Weekend

Trenton decided on our Mother’s Day trip to Yosemite that he wanted to go camping for his 6th birthday.

Well, Pennsylvania doesn’t really lend itself to camping in the middle of January!

Trenton told us that instead of doing a birthday party right now, he would rather wait and take some of his friends camping when the weather warms up.

But that doesn’t mean that we didn’t pack his birthday weekend full of fun!


We started off the weekend with a trip to the Pennsylvania Farm Show on Friday.  Pennsylvania doesn’t have a state fair, so I guess the farm show kind of fills that spot.

It was a blast!  The kids got to vote on a name for a two month old little Holstein heifer calf.  I was not surprised that “Elsa” was in the lead and both of my talking kids voted for that name too.  We also learned that you can tell what color egg a chicken will lay by the color of their earlobes (the fleshy skin behind their eyes).  And we saw the cutest litter of piglets at feeding time with their mom!

There were also a ton of exhibits – wood pellets, bees, apples, wool, dairy, veterinary services, and of course a bunch of big tractors, combines, and trucks. 


Evelyn even was interested in a few things – namely the sheep and the carousel.


Speaking of sheep, we stopped to sit down and watch a sheep show.  Trenton loved it and wants to raise sheep.  Charlotte wanted to know where the screen to watch the “show” was!


And it wouldn’t be a trip to the farm show without hitting up the food court.  We were told numerous times that we had to try the shakes.  And wow – the vanilla was the best shake I’ve EVER tasted!

photo 1 (66)

Jarrod and I also hit up the free wine and cheese tasting while my parents watched the kids in the play area.  The cheese was really good.  And let’s just say that living in California made me a wine snob.  There are still a couple of local wine tasting shops that I’d like to try, and I’m hoping that they’ll change my opinion of PA wines. 

Also – if you happen to ever visit the Pennsylvania Farm Show, be aware that there are aisles of free food samples in the main hall.  We found these after we bought dinner at the food court…

Saturday was a little more low-key.  Jarrod took Trenton to watch the pine wood derby races at the school.  Trenton can’t wait until later this year when he gets to join Cub Scouts!  After lunch we made a trip to the library to get some books and movies.  And when we got home, Daddy had a fun activity planned for Trenton!

photo 2 (60)

Sunday, Trenton’s actual birthday, we let Trenton pick where to eat lunch after church – he chose Cracker Barrel – and then we went to visit the Turkey Hill Experience.  Turkey Hill is to this region what Blue Bell is to Texas. 

We’ve done the Blue Bell tour before (which is a tour of the actual creamery), but Turkey Hill is not at the creamery and is an interactive experience.  I’m pretty sure everyone had fun milking cows, driving the dairy truck, fighting bacteria, and measuring the correct amount of ingredients to mix up some ice cream.


We also sampled plenty of ice cream, tea, and lemonade (it definitely wasn’t the healthiest of weekends!).

All that eating made some tired…


But I think the biggest hit at Turkey Hill Experience was coming up with a new flavor of ice cream, designing a carton for your ice cream flavor, and making a commercial for it! 
*Turkey Hill Experience also offers a Taste Lab, where you can physically mix up your own flavor, but all of the spots were sold out for while we were there.

Here’s the birthday boy’s commercial.  He came up with an ice cream that he named “Chocolate Gummy Bear.”  It’s chocolate ice cream with cotton candy flavoring, marshmallow swirls, and gummy bear candies.  Sounds delish!


And then, as if we hadn’t already had enough junk food, we capped off the weekend with s’mores cupcakes for our new 6 year old!

photo (96)

I think that Trenton had a pretty good weekend even though he didn’t have a party!


Amanda said...

Sounds like a good weekend. Love the nerf gun war.. we always have one of those when we visits Robs family.. him and his brothers. It's chaos!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Looks like your big guy had a great birthday celebration!!!

Alejandra said...

What a fun weekend! Cracker Barrel is my birthday meal choice too!

Jen said...

What a fun birthday weekend, so glad it was a good one. :)

Amanda B. said...

What a great weekend!

Jessie said...

Happy Birthday Big Guy! I'm always impressed with how many fun things you are able to find going on in your area. Those kids have the life.

Rachel Ross said...

Wow what a fun weekend! So much yummy food too!! :)

Rosie said...

Happy Birthday to Trenton! And just a warning from a former ice cream worker (gotta love high school jobs!), gummy bears get REALLY hard and unpleasant to eat in ice cream because it's so cold! Save them for a side topping ;)