Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Watch Me Grow: 1 Year

I’ve already done a post on 12 months of side by side comparison pictures and another on Evelyn’s birthday party, so now it’s time for the official one year update.


I absolutely love this girl’s personality!  She is such a happy, easy going baby.  She smiles at everyone, and will let almost anyone hold her.  All of the kids in Trenton’s kindergarten class love her, and they don’t like it if I don’t bring her along when I volunteer in the classroom.


Evelyn had her one year check-up earlier this week.  I don’t remember any other doctors ever checking this with any of our kids before, but Evelyn’s pediatrician checks her “baby BMI.”  And apparently we are supposed to lay off of the carbs and sweets with her.  Because she eats so much of that stuff….  I have a feeling that if our current pediatrician would have been seeing Evelyn those first few months of her life when she had such a hard time gaining weight, that he would not think that her above average “baby BMI” would even be worth mentioning.

The girl is solid though.  Even if I don’t get in any normal arm workouts during the week, I can always count on two one hour workouts at church on Fridays and Sundays!  She is such a wiggle worm, and I feel like I fight her the entire Mass.  On Sundays, the older couple that we normally sit next to like to help us out with her though!


Evelyn has started trying to clap on her own rather than just grabbing my hands and clapping them for me.  She seems to like making me do things for her.  If I ask her how big she is, she grabs my hands, and makes me raise her hands up for “so big” rather than raising her hands by herself.  And if I ask her where her nose is, she grabs my finger and puts my finger on her nose instead of touching her nose with her own finger.

Evelyn’s nighttime sleep habits haven’t improved any.  Actually I think they have gotten a little worse.  It could be because Evelyn spent so much time the past month sleeping in places other than her own bed.  Or maybe she’s working on more teeth.  Whatever it is, I’m ready for her to sleep through the night!


On that same note, the pediatrician told me to try transitioning her from two naps a day to one nap a day.  I hope that it helps!

We’re also working on transitioning from bottles to sippies and formula to milk too.  The formula to milk transition is going better than the bottle to sippy transition.  Evelyn will take water perfectly fine in her sippy, but she’s not a huge fan of taking milk/formula in it.

Evelyn still isn’t full on walking, but she can take 2-3 steps at a time.  And I’m perfectly fine with that.  I’m in no hurry to chase after her more than I already do!

We still have Evelyn in her infant carseat.  It’s quite a load lugging nearly 35 pounds around, but I’m trying to make it through the winter before switching her over to a rear-facing convertible seat.  Even though it’s heavy, popping the carseat out of the car in freezing cold at school drop off is quicker and easier than taking a squirmy baby out of a carseat and then putting her back in.

Evelyn, you have brought so much joy to our lives in the past twelve months.  Everyone loves you and wants to play with you – even Bailey.  You are such a happy little person, and I hope that you never lose that.  I can’t wait to see how you grow and change in the years to come.


Weight: 23 pounds, 9 ounces – 84th percentile
Height: 29 1/2 inches – 64th percentile
Drinking: 20-24 ounces of milk/formula a day plus water from a sippy throughout the day
Eating: Three full meals a day.  Mostly table food.  Favorites are bananas, broccoli, rice, quinoa, and chicken.
Napping: She had still been taking two naps a day, but we are now transitioning to one afternoon nap.
Nighttime Sleeping: Ha!  What sleeping?  There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to how this little girl is going to sleep and we never know what kind of night she is going to have.
Clothes: 12 months
Shoes: I think it’s about time to move up into a size four, but I haven’t taken her to get new shoes in a while.
Diapers: We are using up the last of our size 3s and will then move into 4s.  At that point, we are going to try to switch from Huggies Little Snugglers to generic brand.
Words: Still just Dada….
Teeth: Still just the three teeth for my little vampire baby!

First Christmas:
(Mommy had pinkeye and didn’t make it to Christmas Eve Mass.)

First Band-Aid for something other than a shot:
And when we took it off, her blood had made a perfect little heart!

photo (94)

First Snow:
(She loved sledding but didn’t like sitting in the snow by herself.)


Anonymous said...

OMG! How adorable is she?! She's just so darn cute! Happy belated birthday, Ms Evelyn!

Anonymous said...

OMG! How adorable is she? She is so darn cute! Happy belated birthday, Ms Evelyn!

P.S- sorry about the double post. I accidentally posted the wrong URL to my website :D

Alejandra said...

Aww! Did you take the photos? They're adorable! She is seriously so cute with those two little bottom teeth.

Meg Taylor said...

Baby BMI?!?! That seems unnecessary haha! Those two little bottom teeth are the cutest ever. And seriously, I feel you about the snow, Evelyn - I don't like it either!

Hana R said...

I used to think she looked more like your husband, but as she's gotten older, she's lookin' more like her beautiful mama! Such a precious girl!!

Shannon said...

Baby BMI - waaaaa? That's redonkulous.

She's adorable. I love the twinkle star photos and I'm so glad I get to watch her grow!

Nicole Tully said...

Were you just kidding about the baby BMI/diet restrictions? I hope so. She is every ounce of perfection! Bigger is better at this age :) Such a beautiful girl. Love the 1 year photos!

Amanda B. said...

Waaaait. Baby BMI?? For real?

She is adorable and perfect!!

The Students Wife said...

She is so cute! We are going through some of those same transitions :)

Amanda said...

Love those 12 month pictures! I'm trying to talk my husband into getting Grace into a convertible carseat. She gets grumpy in the car and I think that is why!

SuperLux said...

She's so adorable even her blood looks cute on that band aid. :P

Lovely family. Be always blessed!

Rosie said...

Happy birthday to Evelyn! And Charlotte's face in that Christmas picture is AWESOME :) Love the star theme - how fun and simple!

Annette said...

Happy birthday to Evelyn. She's so adorable. It sounds like she brings pure joy everyday!