Monday, February 9, 2015

A Busy Weekend

Wow, it was a busy weekend!

We started off Friday by having some friends over for dinner.  Remember Trenton’s girlfriend that I mentioned a few weeks ago?  It was her family.  And the girlfriend spent the night!  I’m not sure how kids have so much darn energy, but Jarrod and I were ready to go to sleep, and the kids (excluding Evelyn) were still awake telling “ghost stories!”  They were so cute!

The next morning after our sleepover guest left, Jarrod and Charlotte got dressed up for a Daddy-Daughter Tea.

photo 1 (71)

There was some dancing, lunch, storytime, craft time where they decoupaged a frame for a photo that they took when they arrived at the event, and of course, tea.

photo 1 (69)photo 2 (63)
photo 3 (41)photo 4 (31)
photo 2 (66)

Once Jarrod and Charlotte got home, they got changed, and Jarrod, Trenton, and Charlotte all headed out to Ski Roundtop – only about 25-30 minutes from us – for lessons!

Trenton took snowboard lessons, and Charlotte was on skis.

photo 1 (70)
photo 2 (65)photo 3 (42)photo 2 (64)photo 4 (32)

They both had a good time, and are looking forward to getting back out there soon – hopefully later this week when Uncle Bradley and Aunt Courtney come to visit!

Evelyn and I had a good time at home too.  I got in a workout, did dishes and laundry, and had plenty of playtime with my favorite little one year old!

photo 3 (43)

Yesterday we started out the day with church.  Our kids are normally pretty well behaved – other than the sometimes loud wiggly one year old – but I’m not sure what was up yesterday because all three kids were a hot mess. 

At lunchtime, we headed back up to the church for a new parishioner lunch.  We’ve already become pretty involved in the church, but we learned about even more of the ministries that the parish offers.

I hightailed it straight from lunch to a spouses workshop on base.  It was all about entertaining, and was really interesting.  I came home with a lot of neat ideas for Valentine’s Day centerpieces for next weekend, only to find that Trenton and Charlotte had already taken care of that for me while I was gone.  But I have to wait until next Saturday to open the box to see what they put together!

I ended the day with some yoga, an orange dream shake, a bubble bath, and a book.  A good way to end a busy weekend.  Now on to conquer a new week! 


Amanda B. said...

Love that daddy/daughter date picture and of course baby rolls!!

Alejandra said...

A very buys weekend!! I was so interested in the girls doing a daddy daughter event here after seeing it on your blog a while ago (I think?) but the prices are SO high.. ):

Shannon said...

Wow - crazy busy.

But it all seemed like a good time (except three hot messes at church). :) :)

Janelle Vannice said...

The Daddy/Daughter tea looks so cute and like so much fun!!! :)

Rosie said...

Goodness, that IS a busy weekend! That's awesome that you guys live so close to good skiing - my big kids keep asking if we can ever go, but I don't think it's going to happen any time soon... Although I suppose we're not too far from West Virginia, so maybe I can get my husband to take them!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Just catching up on all your posts - yall have been so busy! Glad you are getting so involved and meeting lots of friends and doing all these activities! How's the 21 day fix going?

Amanda said...

Geez louise! That's a busy weekend. I can't wait for things like daddy daughter teas. Seriously.. my heart melts whenever I see pictures like that.