Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine’s Day Date Night

I got to go on a nice Valentine’s Day date last night with this handsome guy, and we didn’t even have to worry with reservations.

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Last night was our last of six date nights in our Six Dates for Catholic Couples series.  But instead of meeting at the church, watching a short video clip, and then leaving to go out on our own (the usual setup for the date nights), we stayed at the church for dinner.

It was a fancy potluck dinner.  Along with a dish, everyone brought their own table, place settings, candles, table decorations, etc.  I had spent a couple of weeks trying to figure out how I was going to do our table, but when I came home from my workshop last weekend, the kids had a gift for me.  They, with Daddy’s help, had put together everything that was needed for the table.  But I couldn’t look at it.

Last night when we walked into the room for our date was the first time I had seen the table (Jarrod had gone to set it up earlier in the afternoon).

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It was adorable, and we got so many compliments on it!

We watched the last of the DVD series, and then everyone ate a delicious dinner.  All while a professional musician played for us.

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Our Valentine’s date night was closed out with a mini dance lesson from another couple from our parish who just happen to be dance instructors.

We had a great time last night and at all of our “church date nights.”  Jarrod and I learned more about ourselves, each other, and our marriage.  Plus, it was a great way to meet others in the parish.  And the kids loved it too (they went with us to the church each month and were kept in another room where they played, had snacks, and watched VeggieTales)!  We can’t wait until the next couples series rolls around!


Amanda said...

This sounds so fun! Yall look great and that table is absolutely adorable. Glad it was a good one!

Amanda said...

This sounds so fun! Yall look great and that table is absolutely adorable. Glad it was a good one!

Janelle Vannice said...

Sounds like a really fun date night!! :)

Nicole said...

This is very sweet!

Amanda B. said...

I absolutely adore this. I bet your table was the best one there!

Heather Moffit said...

So sweet😊

Shannon said...

Such a great idea and how cute was your hubby with getting the kids to do the table decor!!??

Rachel Ross said...

That sounds like fun! What adorable table decorations, love it!!

Jen said...

What a wonderful night!!! :)