Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Dirty Girl Mud Run 2015

On Saturday, Jarrod, the kids, and I all loaded up into the car to drive up to Scranton so that I could run in the Dirty Girl Mud Run 5K with some friends.


It was my first mud run, and it was a blast!


Most of the course wasn’t very conducive to actually running, but that didn’t mean that it wasn’t a good workout.  Some of those obstacles were pretty hard!


There was a giant pyramid to climb over, big inflatable balls to run/push through, multiple mud pits, a giant slip & slide, rope spider webs, rope ladders, plastic corrugated pipes to crawl through, and fire to jump over.  Let me tell ya, jumping over fire give you some definite street cred with your kids! 

Trenton and Charlotte weren’t all that enthused before the race started about the fact that they were only going to be able to watch the race and not run in it.  But they had a couple of friends to watch with, and they really had a lot of fun yelling for us whenever we passed by.  At the top of their lungs, of course.  And after the race, they were all armed with silly string to shoot at us!


Evelyn apparently did not like being separated from Mommy during the time it took us to run the race.  She didn’t mind one bit that Mommy was crazy dirty and came right to me after the race.


Jarrod and the other two kids did not give me hugs until I had rinsed off and changed clothes though….

I had so much fun in the Dirty Girl Mud Run!  We could not have asked for nicer weather.  And while I did fall in the mud back-first (on more than one occasion), I managed to not fall face first or get thrown down in the mud pits.  So that’s why the front of my shirt stayed pretty clean comparatively speaking.  


I was in bed asleep by 8:15 Saturday night, but the exhaustion was truly worth it.  I can’t wait for next year’s mud run!


Jen said...

I love events like these they are so much fun! Way to go girl!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

I've only done one Mud Run myself it is was so fun!!! Muddy and Messy but a great time!!! You look like you had a blast!!!

Janelle Vannice said...

So fun! I did a similar run a couple years ago called the Dirty Dash that was a lot of fun. I don't really like mud, though, so I probably won't do it again... but it was a fun experience to do once! :)

Amanda B. said...

You rock!

Lux G. said...

Whoa! Not my thing but looks so much fun with you doing it. Maybe I'll try this someday. :D

Rachel Ross said...

Wow that looks so fun! All I could think about reading this post was The Office! Scranton!