Wednesday, June 3, 2015

First Trimester Exercise and Nutrition

Since announcing my pregnancy on Mother’s Day, I’ve had a ton of people ask me how I’ve been feeling.

Honestly, I have felt better with this pregnancy than with any of my previous pregnancies.  Yes, I still get headaches every once in a while when the older kids are at each others throats.  And Jarrods driving sometimes makes me nauseous, but that happens even when I’m not pregnant.  But for the most part, I’ve felt totally normal. 

First Trimester Exercise + Nutrition

I’m going to talk a bit about what I did during my first trimester exercise and nutrition wise.  I’m not a doctor.  I talked over all of this with my midwives and doctors, and got their approval.  If you are pregnant, you should do the same.

As far as nutrition goes, I have kept up with my 21 Day Fix nutrition plan pretty closely.  I follow the maintenance plan to ensure I consume the calories that I need to grow a healthy baby.  I have also added in an extra serving of calcium every day.  Yes, I have cheats here and there.  I toured the Amish countryside with my mom last weekend, and you can bet I tasted samples!  But did I buy that amazing fried donut that I sampled?  Nope.  A sample was plenty to satisfy my sweet tooth.

21 Day Fix BreakfastBurrito Bowls

I truly feel like following the 21 Day Fix nutrition plan is why I have felt so good.  Before starting the 21 Day Fix, I was getting one, maybe two, servings of protein a day.  But now I’m getting four.  And boy does that make a difference!  I have learned what my body needs more of and what it needs less of.  And because of that, I haven’t needed those mid-afternoon naps that I’ve needed with past pregnancies.

And guess what?  I’m not having to swallow those huge horse pills prenatal vitamins with this pregnancy!  I’m still drinking Shakeology, and it counts as my prenatal!  (Again, get approval from your doctor if you are pregnant and wanting to do this.)

Using Shakeology in place of prenatal vitamins

Fueling my body the right way has given me the energy to keep up with my workouts.  I workout at least five days a week.  I’m still doing my 21 Day Fix workouts with the same weights that I used pre-pregnancy.  So far, I have not needed to modify any of the moves, but that will come at some point (soon for some of the moves – like Supermans).  I also ran two races during my first trimester - The Glo Run 5k and the Dirty Girl Mud Run 5k.  I sure slept good after the races, but I felt great during them! 

First Trimester Exercise + Nutrition
First Trimester Exercise + Nutrition

So why am I sticking with this exercise and nutrition stuff during pregnancy?  Why not lay around on the couch watching TV and eating BonBons?

I’m doing it for SURVIVAL.  I’m going to have four kids.  FOUR KIDS!  I had to have a c-section with Evelyn, and recovery was a word that rhymes with witch.  I want to be able to hit the ground running when #4 comes.  I don’t want to be laid up on the couch.  By keeping my body as healthy as it can be, I am doing my part to get ready for a VBAC (hopefully).  Recovering from a vaginal birth was so much easier for me than recovering from a c-section.  If eating right and working out can help my body get ready for a vaginal birth, then I’m all in!  And if I happen to need another c-section, I’m hopeful that if I’m in good shape pre-cesarean, I’ll bounce back quicker post-cesarean.

Thank you all for your sweet comments about this pregnancy!  We are so excited to bring another rugrat into our crazy little home!


*If you are interested in the 21 Day Fix (pregnant or not pregnant), I have another group starting June 15th.  Feel free to email me at if you have any questions or want to join.

*For those of you wanting more pregnancy details, I am planning to do a full first trimester recap after my doctor appointment on Friday!


♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

This is exactly why I have been so determined to get in the best routine and shape with working out and eating healthy so when the time comes that we do ( I ) get pregnant I will be able to continue with those same healthy routines and habits. Your such a inspiration and I'm so excited and happy for you that this pregnancy has been off to a much better healthier start for you!!!! I can't wait to find out what you little baby is going to be!!!

Jen said...

I think it's awesome that you are staying so healthy and fit.