Friday, July 10, 2015

Field Trip Friday–Pennsylvania State Capitol & Dutch Wonderland

Okay, I’m way behind on here and just now getting around to posting about LAST Friday’s field trip.

Jarrod had the day off, and we decided to go check out the Pennsylvania’s state capitol.  I wasn’t sure that the capitol would be open, so I made sure to call on Thursday to check.  The lady I spoke with said that they would be open and gave me the tour times.


Well, when we got to the capitol, the visitor center was closed.  Tours were still being conducted, but it was an hour and a half until the next one.  Time that could have been used to check out the visitor center exhibits, but with it closed, we really didn’t have much to do.  We walked around the capitol grounds, checking out all of the building and monuments, but that certainly didn’t take an hour and a half.  So we decided to table the tour for another day and head to Lancaster for the second part of our field trip.

Dutch Wonderland is a theme park geared toward younger children.  Charlotte was tall enough to ride nearly every ride in the park.  We had a fun time at Dutch Wonderland, but we all agreed that we like HersheyPark better.  But we didn’t go to the water area of Dutch Wonderland.  We may go back another day to check that part out.  The kids all rode a few rides (even Evelyn!), but we didn’t stay but a couple hours.  Evelyn started having a reaction to her sunscreen, and I was getting a headache from the heat.  Plus, it was pretty crowded too (even though ride lines weren’t as long as HersheyPark, Dutch Wonderland is on less acreage making it feel more crowded). 

Trenton was mad that he had to sit in the back with Mommy.  Once he ride got going, he thought it was fun though.

Daddy, Trenton, and Charlotte are in the back car.  I love that Trenton, who has never been the biggest roller coaster fan, has his hands up in the air!

We didn’t do this week’s field trip today because Trenton was at Cub Scout day camp all week.  But we are taking a family road trip/field trip tomorrow!  Follow along on IG (@creativelyblooming) to see where we wind up!

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Amanda said...

I love that you all do these. I hope that as Grace gets older I am able to take her to things like this like you do. You rock mama!