Monday, July 13, 2015

Watch Evelyn Grow: 18 Months

Evelyn turned 18 months old last Friday.  I’m not sure how she can already be so old.  Wasn’t she just a little baby yesterday?


I have loved watching Evelyn’s personality grow.  She’s becoming her own little person.

She still cannot sit still for more than a few minutes at a time.  Unless of course it’s for food or a book.  She loves being read to.  And as you can tell, she doesn’t miss many meals!

Evelyn started sleeping through the night late this spring.  But then we went to Texas, and it threw her off kilter.  Now she’s getting in multiple teeth at a time, and we’re doing good to get one or two full nights sleep a week.


We’re still a little behind with talking – she has about eight words that she uses regularly – but we are going to give her until her two-year check up to see if she needs speech therapy.  She’s started talking a lot more over the summer, and I’m hoping that now that more words will keep coming. 

Evelyn is a huge animal lover.  She is constantly giving Bailey hugs, and she wants to pet any dog she sees when we’re out and about.  She loves cows, horses, cats, ducks, pretty much any animal she sees. 

I am not ready for potty training, but Evelyn really enjoys sitting on the toilet.  She’s never actually done anything while on the toilet, but she loves hopping off to check!  And if we’re in the living room when she wets her diaper, she’ll go to the diaper drawer, pull out a diaper, and lay down waiting for me to change it.  I’m not going to push anything, but I will sit her on the potty a couple times a day.  And if she happens to “get it” before this new baby comes, great!  But if not, we’ve done the two kids in diapers thing before. 

Evelyn has had the darkest hair of all of my kids.  But it’s really starting to lighten up now and is somewhere between the color of Trenton’s and Charlotte’s.  It’s finally starting to come in a bit more too!  And it curls in the back!  I’m really anxious to see what her hair winds up looking like once it gets longer.


Evelyn’s eyes are still pretty blue too.  I think Trenton’s and Charlotte’s had changed color by 18 months.  Evelyn’s look more green on some days, but some days, they are still really blue.  I’m wondering if she’s going to end up with hazel eyes like Daddy.

We had Evelyn’s 18 month appointment today.  She is my heaviest kid at 18 months, topping the scales at 27 pounds, 2 ounces (82nd percentile).  Carrying her around is quite the workout!  As far as height, she is right between where Trenton and Charlotte were at the same age at 31 3/4 inches (54th percentile).  She is also my first kid who doesn’t cry when she gets shots.  Girlfriend is one tough cookie!


Evelyn certainly gives us a run for our money sometimes, but we wouldn’t trade her for the world.  She has brought so much joy and happiness to this family.  I sometimes go peek in the playroom when the kids don’t know I’m looking just to watch them all play and laugh together.  I am one blessed Mommy.



Shannon said...

She a pretty little thing! :) And her dress is gorgeous too!

Janelle Vannice said...

I just love reading these posts - she is adorable and growing up so quickly!

Meg Taylor said...

She is just the cutest!! Is she excited to be a big sister??

Lux G. said...

Aw. So adorable! :)

Jen said...

She is such a pretty little thing. :)