Sunday, August 2, 2015

The time we went to a butterfly release and didn’t get any good pictures of actual butterflies….

We spent a couple hours Saturday at a local nursery for their annual Butterfly Day.

Our first stop was the butterfly coloring station where each of the kids “colored” their own picture.


Next we decided to go on a butterfly garden tour.  The problem was that it was really hot and humid (yes, even by the Texas girl’s standards!), and the kids weren’t all that interested in hearing about what plants attract butterflies.  So we hopped on over to the children’s garden to sit in the shade and watch the kids play.


A little before noon, we heard the announcement that it was almost time to release the butterflies, so we walked over to the release area.  Charlotte and I found a spot in the middle of the field, while Trenton, Evelyn, and Daddy (who were all pretty much D-O-N-E by this point) found a shadier spot on the outside of the field.  Not having ever been to this event before, I didn’t really know much about the release.  Apparently, you have to reserve/pay for your butterfly at least a month in advance to be able to release one.  I was worried that Charlotte would be upset about that, but she wasn’t.  And as it turns out, a nice family that we were sitting next to gave us one of their butterflies to release.  I went to grab Trenton, Evelyn, and Jarrod so that they could release the butterfly with us.  Once the time came, 100s of butterflies were released.  And we got one blurry picture. 


But hey, at least my hubby tried!  He was probably trying to watch Charlotte’s and Evelyn’s expressions because they were pretty excited!  After we released our butterfly, Jarrod took Trenton and Evelyn to the car and Charlotte and I stuck around a bit longer to watch more butterflies flying around.  One of the ladies that gave us the butterfly told Charlotte about a butterfly house at a museum in New York City.  It is now on Charlotte’s bucket list.

Although it was a very hot day (and the heat wound up making me a little sick), we had fun at Butterfly Day and are already looking forward hitting up more special events at the nursery.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how I get my kids to pose for pictures, here it is: the promise of the silly face picture!  It doesn’t always work, but it does make for some pretty good outtakes!



Traci@TheHallway said...

How fun!! I posted about butterflies today too, how funny!! I feel that "baby Charli" and Charlotte would have so much fun together these days!

Jen said...

This is really fun! :)

Lux G. said...

Aw. So fun!!! I like the way they colored the butterfly. So creative.

Amanda B. said...

So fun. Love the first one of them on the swing. So cute!

Amanda said...

Love this! This is definitely something I hope to do in the future with Gray. How fun - although the heat sounds less appealing...

Sarah said...

Love the last picture with the tongues! :)

Sarah said...

We had a butterfly release at our wedding. I ordered thirty butterflies from a butterfly seller (technical name unknown) and after the ceremony but before the reception we went outside to release them. Some of the butterflies didn't make it but the ones that did were so fun to see!