Monday, September 21, 2015

“I thought one of my popcorns was kind of crunchy!”

Trenton has been sporting “shark teeth” since last spring.  For the longest, his baby teeth in front of his permanent teeth weren’t even loose.

But they finally started loosening up.

The past two weeks, one of them has been extremely loose.  But Trenton refused to let us pull it.

Yesterday he and I were sitting around talking after getting home from church.  All of the sudden I realized that his tooth was gone!


After backtracking, we realized that he lost his tooth sometime between leaving for church and when I noticed it was gone.

Then it dawned on him.

”It was when I ate my popcorn!  I thought one of my popcorns was kind of crunchy!”

Yep, he had swallowed his tooth while eating caramel corn!

I told Trenton that since he didn’t have a tooth to put under his pillow, he’d have to write the tooth fairy a note.  I had done the same thing when I lost my first tooth – it fell down the drain while I was brushing my teeth.


The note must have been okay with the tooth fairy because Trenton woke up one happy little boy this morning (albeit, with some crazy bedhead)!


Now Trenton is working on loosening up another tooth so that he can be even with Charlotte!  All while she’s hoping to lose her third tooth soon!  They are growing up too fast!


Jen said...

I love the note idea, definitely very creative.

Meg Taylor said...

Awww go Trenton!! The Tooth Fairy Reports are awesome :)

Shannon said...

I so have to remember that tooth fairy report once tooth fairy season hits our house!

And T looks cute with bedhead. :)