Friday, November 6, 2015

Gender Predictions

Okay.  We’re getting to crunch time.  At least I hope we are!

So it’s time to get those gender predictions in!

Will Baby #4 be a girl or a boy?

Gender Prediction Tests
A big THANKS to my mom for making these adorable hats for us!

I thought it would be fun to put some old wives tales to the test to see if they leaned one way or the other.  Here’s what I found.

Baking Soda:
Pour your urine into a clear cup containing two tablespoons baking soda.  If it fizzes like soda, it’s a boy.  If it’s flat, it’s a girl.

Result: I had fizzy baking soda pee – BOY


Red Cabbage:
Chop up a head of red cabbage and put in a bowl.  Pour boiling water over it and let sit for ten minutes.  After ten minutes, strain out cabbage and pour water into a clear cup.  Pee in a separate container.  Mix equal parts cabbage water and pee.  If it turns red or pink, it’s a boy.  If it’s violet, it’s a girl.

Result: Violet – GIRL


Ring on a String:
Tie a string around your wedding ring and hold it over your belly.  If it moves from side to side, it’s a boy.  If it moves in a circle, it’s a girl.

Result: Circle – GIRL


Odd/Even Mayan System:
Legend has it that Mayans determined a baby’s gender by looking at the mother’s age at conception and the year of conception.  If both are even or odd, it’s a girl.  If one’s even and one’s odd, it’s a boy.

Result: 31 and 2015 – GIRL


Chinese Gender Chart:
This chart, which was found in an ancient royal tomb in Beijing, is said to be over 90% accurate in predicting a baby’s gender.  You find your age at conception and the month of conception.  The calendar converts it, and voila!, you have your answer.

Result: BOY

They say that girls steal their mother’s beauty, so a woman carrying a girl tends to have acne.

Result: BOY


There was one more test that I found.  It involved mixing urine and Drano which the site said isn’t safe for pregnant women because of the fumes it gives off.  And since Jarrod is in D.C. for work, I didn’t want to make my mom do experiments with my pee.  So that one just didn’t get done!  Too bad because we obviously could have used a tie-breaker!

So what do you think?  Will Baby #4 be a boy or a girl?


Karen @ And Then We Laughed said...

My vote is for BOY. No reason other than good ol' fashioned juju.

Anonymous said...

it doesn´t matter. the main thing is that the baby is healty !
greetings from germany. marina

Jen said...

I am so excited for you, my vote is boy! :)

Amanda said...

Never heard of half of those tests. LOL. Fun none the less.. I'm going to vote girl!

Amanda B. said...

it's a girl! I just know. ;) haha actually I'm always wrong, so it's probably a boy.

Janelle Vannice said...

My vote is boy... but I've been wrong every single time since predicting my own correctly... oops!

Lux G. said...

Wow, I didn't know there are ways to "predict" the gender that are not scientifically based. It's fun still though. :D

I hope for a healthy baby regardless of the gender really. :)