Friday, December 18, 2015

Watch Brennan Grow - 1 Month

How can a month go by so fast?

It feels like it was just yesterday that we were welcoming this little guy into our family.


Brennan is such a sweet baby.  He’s generally happy, and a fairly easy baby.  So far, that is.

All three other kids had reflux and issues with cow’s milk.  Up until this point, Brennan isn’t showing any signs of those problems.  He spits up sometimes, but nothing like what the rest of the kids did.  And he has his cranky days when it feels like he wants to nurse all the time, but he’s nowhere near as cranky as I remember with the others.

Brennan is a champion eater.  I nurse on-demand during the day, and he’s normally only up once during the night to feed.  And he goes right back down after he’s finished eating, so that makes things really nice.  Especially since Evelyn is still up during the night at least a couple times a week.

Trenton, Charlotte, and Evelyn all love Brennan.  It took Evelyn a little while to be interested enough in Brennan to want to hold him, but now she wants to hold him all the time.  But only for about 15 seconds at a time…


Brennan brings so much joy and happiness to us.  He’s the perfect addition to our family.


Weight: Between 8 1/2 and 9 pounds (he doesn’t go to the doctor again until he’s two months)
Height: 21ish inches
Clothing Size: Still fitting into NB clothes, and starting to wear some 0-3 month pieces too.
Diaper Size: We’re on the last pack of NB diapers and then we’ll move to size 1s.


First Thanksgiving:

First time on Santa’s lap:

First Christmas Party: